At Disfruta our main objective is to export to the world superior quality fruit through an excellent service


Disfruta was founded as the export division of Agroelite Ltda. Company with nearly 40 years of experience in the production and packing of fresh fruit.

The fruit grown by Agroelite is commercialized in the most important markets around the world, always complying with the service and quality that distinguish.

We are a family business and we keep a solid relationship with our clients based on trust and quality of our products.

Exportadora Disfruta continues abroad with the legacy of Agroelite, based on the same philosophy and values that have made this company grow.

  • Vision: Our vision is to deliver to the world the best fruit of Chile.
  • Mision: Deliver to our clients superior quality fruit, produced under the highest quality standards, through a service of excellence and caring for the real needs of our clients.

According to our values we apply

  • The sense of belonging, not only at Disfruta, but also with all our growers and clients.

  • Always act with conviction, putting significant challenges, with the end of making this company grow.

  • Always relate with transparency and respect.

  • Deliver our best effort in all our labors, from the largest to the smallest.